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Common Winter Electrical Problems


Just as you’re taking down your Halloween decorations, you’ll be putting up your Christmas ones. Winter brings cold noses, frozen roads, and some unique electrical challenges. As the chill starts to set in, don’t forget about the strain you are about to put on your electrical system. Serving our community as emergency electricians, there are a few issues that seem to consistently crop up around the holidays.

Static Electricity

Dry winter air means chapped skin and fly-away hair, but it also means an insurgence of static electricity. Static electricity is an imbalance of electrons on a surface. They will sit there until they are neutralized by discharging, which is the static shock we all know and probably don’t love. Static electricity occurs more often during the winter because there are fewer water particles in the air to dissipate the “stuck” electrons. This is a nuisance, but also a potential danger. Nearby electrical currents and flammable substances can be affected, resulting in powerful shocks. Simply using a humidifier can help offset the dryness and alleviate static electricity.

Power Outages

In our northern climate, we rely heavily on electricity during the winter months. We experience below freezing temperatures and very little sunlight. This means that we are producing more light and heat than any other time of the year. Couple that with the festive decor of the holiday season your electrical system will be feeling the strain. Some homes were not designed to handle the electrical power we demand and need to be adjusted. Before the season goes into full swing, have an electrician take a look at your home. They will be able to determine whether your system can handle the load and what to do to get it where you need it.

Additional Heat Sources

Many Calgary homes need a little extra help to fight off the cold. Electric fireplaces and space heaters are a popular way to keep warm when you don’t want to heat up the entire house. However, improper use of these gadgets can reduce efficiency and increase the risk of fire. Always ensure that heaters are supervised when in use and unplugged when turned off. Furthermore, they shouldn’t be sharing an outlet as they create quite a bit of heat and could damage other devices.

Stay warm and safe this holiday season by maintaining your electrical system. Keep the above issues in mind while preparing your home for winter. If you’re due for an annual electrical inspection, keep us in mind! Call us today to get started.

Written by 4-Star Electric

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