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The 5 Most Common Electrical Hazards in Your Home

The electrical systems in your home provide you with comfort and convenience, but they can pose a safety risk if you don’t keep them well maintained. Our home electrical services help homeowners throughout Calgary keep their lights, appliances, and other electrical fixtures working reliably—but you should also learn to recognize potentially dangerous electrical problems for […]

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Hardwired vs Plug-In Appliances

Electric appliances provide modern conveniences to homeowners—most often in the kitchen, where they’re used to help prepare, cook, store, and even serve food. But the appliances you and your family rely on at home aren’t all designed to be plugged into wall outlets. Some of these devices are hardwired directly into your home’s electrical system! […]

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Are your lights flickering?

It seems like the stuff of horror movies—you’re hanging out in your home when all of a sudden, the lights start flashing and flickering all by themselves! But while this phenomenon can definitely be spooky, it’s actually quite common. But what you’re probably wondering if this has happened to you lately is—are flickering lights dangerous? […]

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