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Upkeeping a Generator at Your Commercial Building


Southern Alberta is a gorgeous place to live and work, but its geographical location does come with some elemental baggage. We happen to inhabit an area that can experience floods, tornados, and blizzards all in one season. These natural disasters pose a great threat to businesses, infrastructure, and even human life. One way to prepare for them is to install a generator in your building.

Protect Your Assets

A loss in power, even temporarily, can cause a whole host of problems. Lights and computers shutting down will impact your productivity, but furnaces and sump pumps without power can result in frozen pipes and flooding. Safety systems will also suffer, creating a dangerous environment for the people inside looking to evacuate.

Maintain Your Backup

Maintenance should be regularly scheduled. You don’t want to be in an emergency situation and find that your backup generator isn’t working properly. System tests performed by a certified technician will help keep everything running safely and efficiently. Additionally, you should be cognizant of fuel filters, coolant, and oil. A generator is a machine similar to any other, it requires proper upkeep to ensure it is functional.

Important Safety Considerations

Generators should not be used indoors, near windows, or anywhere there is air intake. This is because they can emit carbon monoxide. Even if the generator is placed outside, you still need to be on top of your CO detector maintenance. Furthermore, be careful to avoid back-feeding. This is when a generator outlet is plugged directly into a wall outlet. This poses a huge threat to utility workers trying to restore the power. Considerations like this are why it is so important to have a licensed electrician set up your generator.

Running a business is a lot of preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Set up your building for safety by installing a backup generator. At 4-Star Electric, we can set you up with a generator that is perfect for your unique needs. Contact us today!

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