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What Separates a Qualified Electrician from DIY “Experts”?


Youtube can be an incredible resource when it comes to learning new recipes, makeup tutorials, and enjoying hilarious cat videos. However, its usefulness tends to run out when it comes to electrical work. Here’s why anything beyond changing a light bulb should be left to the experts.

Understanding the Whole

The thing with electrical systems is that they are just that: systems. They are made up of delicate structures with thousands of intricate moving parts. Altering one component could throw off the entire system. A qualified electrician will have an understanding about how all of the pieces work together before diving in. DIYers are forced to piecemeal their projects due to their limited overall knowledge. This can be frustrating at the best of times and fatal at the worst.

Years of Training

This understanding is due to the process wherein an electrician becomes certified. Apprentices are required to attend four years of intense training, combining on-the-job work experience with in-class sessions. It is during this time that they gain the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to do electrical work. Most DIY experts will watch a few videos and tinker around with some wires before touting their experience. Not even The Flash could consume the appropriate amount of information needed to understand electrical systems in that short timeframe.

Keeping Your Warranty and Your Home Protected

No matter how skilled a DIY electrician makes themselves out to be, when they work on your electrical system they invalidate any warranty you may have on the components in that system. If anything does go wrong, you won’t be covered, and since your DIYer isn’t insured, neither will they.

DIY disasters are 100% avoidable by just calling in a certified electrician. You may think that bypassing the professionals will save you money, but we assure you it won’t. In fact, you’ll probably be paying more to have someone come in to fix their mess. If you are living in Calgary and need electrical work done on your home, call us in for a consultation. Our service and equipment are guaranteed, so you can sleep well at night knowing that your family is safe.

Written by 4-Star Electric

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